Energy Production

Biogas is a viable alternative as a source of fuel for energy production. We all produce organic waste that, unless governed by a forward looking public administration, is quietly chucked into a landfill site. Increasingly though, other strategies are being demanded and it makes simple sense to use all potential forms of energy. Tried and tested technology ensures that biogas will be a small but powerful addition to future energy supply.

Organics Biogas

The Power of Alternative Fuels

Organics has more than 30 years of experience in working with biogas, particularly landfill anaerobic digestion biogas. Our services range from bespoke technology to turnkey projects to investment and long-term operation of plant to ensure optial performance and maximum returns on the investment whilst, at the same time and with equal importance, ensuring that the protection of our common environment is paramount.

Our principal strategy is for local empowerment to address local problems and our motivation is the knowledge that, apart from consolidating a successful business model, we are contributing towards a sustainable way of living on our planet.

With more that thirty years of engineering excellence and experience in power generation from biogas, Organics is a world leader in using alternative fuels for the production of energy.


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